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Here’s How to Get Coronavirus Treatment From the Safety of Your Home

It seemed like just a few days ago that life was normal. We had concerns, of course, but they were everyday, benign concerns. We stressed about whether our favorite college basketball team would advance in the NCAA tournament or how in the world we’d strategically pack up the family minivan for the long-anticipated spring break road trip.

But with the novel coronavirus of 2019, being referred to in short as COVID-19, now sweeping the globe in a pandemic of epic proportions, life is changing by the day.

The personal and immediate threat of sickness looms not only in our minds, but now in growing physical reality throughout our communities. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how to recognize and get treated for coronavirus during a time when quarantine protocols recommend not leaving your home.

Telemedicine doctor on webcam call with senior women.Get Informed: Symptoms & Treatment for Coronavirus
You’ve heard it said that knowledge is power, and this maxim has never been more true. It is every citizens’ responsibility to gain knowledge about the symptoms of this aggressive virus, as well as the ways to prevent and treat COVID-19.

So, whether you believe you may already be sick, or you are just being proactive to get tips for COVID-19 and stay prepared, we commend you on your effort to be informed! Below we’ve included some helpful information on recognizing coronavirus and what to do if you are sick (with this particular virus or any other illness) during this global crisis.

Symptoms of COVID-19
Symptoms can range from mild to severe, but the most common indications of mild-to-moderate coronavirus infection include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

Tips for Quick, Safe Coronavirus Treatment
Anyone with these symptoms should talk to a physician immediately, but should avoid going in person to a doctor’s office or hospital. Why? We all know about the incredible rate at which the virus spreads, and we can agree that isolation is the most effective way to slow the impact of COVID-19.

But did you know that social distancing isn’t just important when you are well? The principle remains the same for those who are sick. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You may not even have coronavirus, but by going into a doctor’s office, you will certainly make yourself more susceptible to contracting it on top of the basic cold that brought you there in the first place.
  • You may indeed have coronavirus, but with mild symptoms that can be monitored online through telehealth services, there is no reason to risk infecting others who you will come in contact with at a doctor’s office.
  • Even if you do have COVID-19, why waste your time, energy, and money on a doctor’s visit when the “treatment” for an overwhelming majority of cases is monitoring symptoms until the virus has run its course?

Here’s the bottom line. A doctor can see you for appointments, track your symptoms over the period of time you are sick, and recommend more significant care if it is needed…and he or she can do all of that online.

Can Telehealth Work for Coronavirus?
Telehealth allows you to see a physician without leaving the comfort and safety of your home or exposing yourself or anyone else to greater harm by being out in public when you don’t have to be. You can talk with your doctor often using face to face on video appointments. And rest assured, your MDCallU doctor will be diligent to track any increase in symptom severity and send you to the hospital if necessary.

So, the short answer is: YES! Telemedicine not only works for treating coronavirus, but it is actually a highly recommended method of receiving care during this time. The more basic appointments can happen online, the more we all work together to relieve the burden on our health care system and leave room and resources available for those who do need critical care.

In reference to the use of telemedicine during the coronavirus outbreak, Lisa Ide, a chief medical officer in Minneapolis, explained, “Providers can take care of many, many patients quickly with accurate information, which has already proven to be essential for health systems needing to scale to meet patient demands from COVID-19” (NPR report).

Putting Knowledge Into Action to Overcome COVID-19 Together
We all long for a day when we can get back to “normal.” In the meantime, we have an opportunity to be smart, stay safe, and pursue solidarity as we manage and overcome this trial and navigate these unique times.

If you’re looking for more information on how telemedicine works, we encourage you to get your questions answered. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we have doctors online and ready to help you right now. Get started with this simple form.

If your gut is saying “get checked,” don’t ignore that internal nudge. Take advantage of the fact that you can now be seen by a physician without leaving the comfort—and safety— of your own home! Call today at (888) 208-9055.